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EDL Importer 3.9.3

Dive into the world of seamless post-production with the release of the EDL Importer 3.9.3!

Master The Workflow's Richard Sanchez brings you an unparalleled tool designed to revolutionize your editing process. Imagine effortlessly tracking and managing VFX shot links, mastering color coding for shot differentiation, and handling complex changes with ease.

Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting out, EDL Importer is your key to a more efficient, accurate, and streamlined workflow.

Transform your VFX editing experience and stay ahead in the game. The future of post-production is here!

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**Introducing EDL Importer: Your Ultimate Post-Production Tool**
EDL Importer is designed to streamline and enhance your editing and visual effects processes, offering a suite of powerful features:

**Automated Subcap and VFX Marker Creation:** Instantly create VFX Markers and Subcaps per clip. Speeding up VFX naming & reducing human error.

**Automate Cutting In VFX** Instantly cut in incoming VFX. 20 shots? 200 shots? Cut in in seconds, even with cutbacks.

**Automated Change Lists** Instantly identify shot changes, omissions and additions keeping your project on track and up to date.

**East VFX Finals Labelling:** Quickly and efficiently label clip colors in your Avid bin based on finals lists.


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